A revolutionary way to learn
Rhino and Grasshopper

Grasshopper for Beginners: Learn through the Telegram Bot
Are you new to Grasshopper and eager to explore the world of parametric design? Look no further! Our innovative course delivered through a Telegram bot is designed for absolute beginners like you. With step-by-step lessons and interactive exercises, you'll master Grasshopper in no time!
Why Telegram?
Telegram's cross-platform capability allows you to study anywhere.
We are always ready to answer your questions. After you join our Telegram course you get access to the
In-Generic support chat.
We make learning more fun. In our telegram classes, you will find all types of content such as images, videos, text and quizzes!
Study as much as you want, whenever you want.
Lifetime access
By buying this course you get lifetime access to it and its updates.
We are constantly adding new content and improving the course, so it always stays up to date.
Course structure
Why Rhino and what the heck is Grasshopper?
Learn what these programs are and what they are used for
Installing Rhino
We will guide you through the software installation process
Rhino Interface
Get familiar with the interface of Rhino and the logic of the command prompt
Interacting with objects in Rhino
Learn the ways of manipulating objects in viewports
Geometry Types in Rhino. Part 1
NURBS objects. What are they and how we can use them
Geometry Types in Rhino. Part 2
Mesh and SubD as an alternative to NURBS
Grasshopper interface
Get familiar with Grasshopper canvas, tabs and nodes
Your first definition in Grasshopper
The best way to learn Grasshopper is through writing definitions
Data Management in Grasshopper. Lists
Data structure is the most important thing to understand. Everything else is secondary
Data Management in Grasshopper. Data Trees
Continue your dive into the data management
The concept of attractors in Grasshopper
The list of the most useful plugins, where to find them and how to install
All of this for the price of €50
How to join the course?
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    Copy your user ID
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