Year: 2020
Site: Barcelona, Spain

Complex Forming

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Complex Forming was a research seminar at IAAC, that investigated lightweight, low-mass and self-supporting convoluted structures. Our aim was to help students link computational design and algorithmic methods with advanced manufacturing protocols, to explore techniques of design and fabrication of complex geometries. Students had to come up with an idea of a lightweight structure, easily fabricable from flat sheets of plastic using a laser cutter.
Project "ThreeFourFive"
Project "Minimal Surface"
ThreeFourFive & Minimal Surface are projects of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at the Master in Advanced Architecture in 2019 by:
Students: Rani Kamel, Deepika Raghu, Andrea de Stasio, Saurabh Singla, Mario Sequeira, Brenda Freitas, Ibrahim Kukner; Francesco Polvi, Dusan Savicevic, Abhishek Sharma
Faculty: Rodrigo Aguirre
Assistants: Ivan Marchuk, Anton Koshelev
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