Year: 2021
Site: Barcelona, Spain


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Neuronnection is a mind-controlled interactive installation created for the ARS ELECTRONICA exhibition in Barcelona. The brain-shaped structure makes it possible to change the paths of light using only your thoughts. Using a brain-computer interface from Nextmind, the installation responds to the direction of the user's gaze, providing a truly immersive interactive experience.
Diagram of connecting elements and structural components
Project by Anaisa Franco
Commissioned by Institut Ramon Llull, NewArtFoundation i Hangar.

Parametric structure by In_generic
Interactive software by Antonio Mechas
Visuals, mapping and documentation by VPMAP
Sound design by Inertia
3D print Fabrication by Ana Correa and Agustin Cervai
Photographer: Ana Jimenez

Presented at ARS ELECTRONICA Festival, Barcelona Garden.
8-12 September 2021
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