Year: 2020
Site: Barcelona, Spain

Robotic Renaissance

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ROBOTIC RENAISSANCE is a project in which the concept of Human-Machine interaction is envisioned as a technique for retrofitting & restoration of dilapidated structures to give them a new life. This is a solution to repair the damaged fragments of the building by accumulating new material on the affected area through additive manufacturing processes. The advantage of this technique is that the restoration procedure can be performed directly on site, through the confluence of computer vision & coding.
Phase 1 physical tests
Phase 2 physical tests
Robotic Renaissance is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed during Masters in Advanced Architecture 02 in 2020 by:
Team: Anton Koshelev, Hongyu Wang, Manan Jain, Pratik Borse
Advisers: Alexandre Dubor, Kunaljit Singh Chadha, Angel Munoz

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