Year: 2020
Site: Barcelona, Spain


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EOLICA (Spanish for "wind") is an interactive installation developed for Llum Festival 2020 in Barcelona. It transforms people's breath into light energy that activates an urban lot and the railways. Citizens become agents of space transformation. The installation is activated by people playing with pinwheels while their rotations get measured by an IR sensor. The pinwheels' RPM gets translated into the light that will flow from the viewer towards the back of the site in gentle waves that use a sine curve to generate the path on the warped grid of led bulbs.
Point cloud of the site with the installation model
Eolica is a project of IAAC, developed in the Master in Advanced Architecture 2019/20 by:
Advisors: Luis Fraguada, Cristian Rizzuti
Team: Aysel Abasova, Yigitalp Behram, Ankita Alessandra Bob, Pratik Girish Borse, Holly Victoria Carton, Daria Ciobanu-Enescu, Fiona Demeur, Manan Jain, Tolga Kalcioglu, Anton Koshelev, Kristine Kuprijanova, Timothy Lam, Logesh Mahalingam, Ivan Marchuk, Hena Micoogullari, Aishath Nadh Ha Naseer, Eszter Olah, Haresh Ragunathan, Surayyn Selvan, Megan Yates Smylie, Oana Taut, Hongyu Wang, Yimeng Wei, Doruk Yildirim
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