Ready to take your Rhino and Grasshopper skills to the next level?
Our intermediate group course is designed for users who are already
familiar with these design tools. Join our live online classes held
via Skype to enhance your expertise and unleash your creativity

About Level 2 course
  • €210
    Course fee
  • 5 persons
    Maximum number of students in group
  • 8 classes
    Number of classes course consists of
  • 2 hours
    Duration of each class
During the course you will learn:
  • Advanced data management skills

    Advanced techniques for managing and manipulating data in Grasshopper.
  • Complex pattern creation

    Creation methods of complex patterns using attractors, and advanced data management techniques.
  • Mesh geometry manipulation

    Manipulation techniques for mesh geometry using plugins like Weaverbird, MeshEdit, and Mesh+ to create more flexible designs.
  • Geometry transformations

    Manipulation strategies for geometry and creation of complex shapes and facades using transformations and the Pufferfish plugin.

  • Grasshopper logics and workflows

    You will gain a deeper understanding of Grasshopper logic and workflow approaches.

  • Parametric building development

    Development pipeline of fully parametric buildings, based on real architectural cases such as Pavilion Galaxia.
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IN-GENERIC is an international team of experienced architects and computational designers.

Our mission is to promote and integrate a parametric approach to design in the fields of architecture, urban planning and product design.

Our expertise:

  • We develop architectural and design projects
  • We provide consultancy services in the algorithmic design area
  • We integrate parametric design approaches into existing customer workflows
  • We conduct workshops and courses on parametric design tools

Saving our customers time and money is a priority for In-Generic.

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